Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Maslow's Heiarchy

Today I was presented with a scale called Maslow’s Hierarchy, which is used to determine a person’s character. It is a hierarchical pyramid that consists of six categories: existence, security, love, esteem and others, the very bottom being existence and the very top being others. One can only reach the top of the pyramid after you have gained the stability of essential existence, living and breathing. Then one must obtain security or a home, a place to sleep and escape from the dangers of the outside world. The next step is to gain love such as friends, family, and a significant other. After that one must obtain esteem. We want to be respected in our community. And only after all of these are obtained are we able to care for the well being of others. Thus those who have reached the top of this pyramid are the most capable to be a good [abstract term] person. Aristotle’s definition of a good person is one who has: house, money, friends, and reason.

A good person is also defined as fulfilling oneself.


sushi_the_pug said...

You are on your way. :)

Buster said...

That is a perspective.